Core Team

Passion for what we do

Luis Bordallo Álvarez


Luis is a qualified pilot and has logged over 20.000 total flying hours and entrepreneur. Pilot  in the Spanish Air Force for 20 years. Fighter Pilot with over 3.000 combat aircraft hours, he is specialist in ground attack techniques and guided-glider bombs. Since 1996 he flies as captain in a Regional Aircraft Company. In 2005 he patented the Nitrofirex Operational Concept and founded the Nitrofirex Company. Since 2008 he leads the Nitrofirex team, a group of engineers and pilots that have been working together to achieve the goal of extinguishing forest fires at night from the air.

Alexander Burwitz


He is a Captain with more than twelve years flying the CL415 and being SIM Trainer in the Spanish Air Force 43rd Group of Amphibious Firefighting Aircraft. He also has experience in Aerial Operations Command and Management, Flight Dispatching and Corporate Image. He can speak seaveral languages and has nice speech skills, so he has been providing conferences about aerospace and firefighting in different countries. He is also an entrepreneur that has lead several business related to language services and corporate image during the last years.

Santiago Canalejas Medina


He is a Spanish Airforce Officer flying the CL415 who previously was enroled as Officer in the Spanish Marine. Santiago has succesfuly completed a Batchelor in Mechanical Engineering, Commercial Pilot certification and several courses in Safety and Environmental areas. He has developed a new water release system for Nitrofirex that will be tested in our demonstrator. He is also professor at the University and expert in flight plan.