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Unmanned Aerial vehicels against natural dissasters


The maturity of the technologies for the guidance and control of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) allows to propose innovative operational options such as the ability to “sprinkle” (a liquid) or spreading (a solid in powder) a significant amount of agent on a set point of the atmosphere.


NITROFIREX is the case, an innovative Spanish project that integrates technology defense industry to achieve this operational capability can be applied in the fight against forest fires in combating nuclear emergency , chemical or biological, to act in extreme weather (rain cause, prevent hail, fog spread) for pest or plant in remote and / or inaccessible and even nighttime spraying the fight against drug plantations.


Of all these possible applications forest fire suppression is due to the environmental damage it causes, the social alarm generated and human and economic losses that occur, the project aims NITROFIREX develop top priority, especially his night job as a necessary complement raised air assets daytime firefighting.

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