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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles against natural dissasters

Mission Analysis

Phase 1 – Launch

Initial phase of the operation by which the deposit Autonomous Glider Container (AGC) is released mechanically and / or removed from the cargo hold of nurse.

Phase 2 – Glide and Plan

The AGC begin their phase of a plan directed by autonomous guidance system that will lead the exact spot sprayed payload.

Phase 3 – Discharge

Reached the point of discharge, AGC put their content automatically and accurately.

Once the download, quickly escape the hostile area taking advantage of the sharp increase that fee due to the significant and sudden weight loss.

This maneuver is used to transition to the next phase of recovery.

Phase 4 – Recovery and Return to Base

Once empty, the AGC activate the small engine and become UAVs allowing them to recover on the basis of operation of tanker aircraft land and take completely autonomously.


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