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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles against natural dissasters


Wildfires ravage every year our forests across the planet. Both studies and experience make clear that the key moment in which air assets will see its effectiveness would be multiplied exponentially if they could operate at night, because that is when the ambient temperature and wind down DRA , sticamente, leaving fire in his weakest point, the time can be attacked.


The concept of carrying capacity NITROFIREX lot of payload quickly and efficiently (if extinguishing forest fires) to the area of ​​operations is carried out heavy transport aircraft acting as avió n launcher (LA).

The NITROFIREX out transport vehicle that payload from the LA release the programmed point (spray or dust) and subsequently recovered.


Hence the concept consists of some deposits NITROFIREX Autonomous Glider Containters (AGC, s) unmanned containing a significant amount of the extinguishing agent. After being fired from the rear ramp of the LA are directed to focus fire autonomously to download the contents with great precisióny subsequently recovered operation based LA powered by an engine for prompt reuse.


The L.A. used are heavy transport aircraft that are equipped with back ramp, among which may include the C-130 Hercules, An-12, C-390, A-400M, IL-76, C-17 or even aircraft with greater capacity.

The technology, already developed, re-education involves costs in R & D, productionand operation.

NITROFIREX offers the ideal solution to complement the media overnight existing manned air directly supporting ground crews, allowing download large quantities of extinguishing agent to the fire when it is at its most give bil without risking human lives.


Unmanned Aircraft for extinguishing fires at Night (VIDEO)

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