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R & D

Research + Development = Innovation

Our proposal

Nitrofirex offers the best solution as complement during night to the current aerial firefighting technologies and direct support to ground crews due to its innovative design to discharge big volume of extinguishing agent when the wildfire is at its weakest point without putting in risk people. It is a unique and innovative solution to fight against natural dissasters (mainly wildfires)during the night, combining old defense technologies with current technologies.


We are creating a team to develop new and disruptive technologies within the aerospace and areonauic sectors. Our new solution to fight against wildfires will open a broad range of new topics to research after the complete development of our product (swarm fligth for civil use, water release optimization, advanced safety technologies for UAVs, etc.).


The application of already existing technology to generate a completely new concept of operation is the current objective of Nitrofirex. THis will generate knowdlege and open new business markets... that's simply INNOVATION.

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