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About Us

A Start-up with international vocation

The Company

Nitrofirex was born with the aim of solving the technological gap in night aerial firefighting applying the available technologies used today. The team is composed by an heterogenous group of high-level professionals including enginers, pilots and entrepreneurs with international experience. Now we are focused on the development of our first demonstrator.


Nitrofirrex offers the perfect solution to the night aerial firefighting operations as a complement of the current technologies that operate during the day. In this way, we are going to reach a key milestone in aerial firefighting: 24 hours non-stop operation. This is an unique and innovative solution that combines current military technology and vehicles and civilian UAV technology that cna be implemented in all developed countries.


The current manned aerial firefghting systems have operational restrictions due to weather and visibility and cannot operate during night. Our AGCs (Aerial Glider Container), launched from a cargo aircraft are able to drop big volumeof extinguishing agent over the fire and return to the airbase to being filled and refueled. The effectivity of a swarm of AGCs with more than 2,000 liters, launched from the rear ramp of a cargo aircraft is by far much better than conventional technologies.


We are devoted to the development and implementation of innovative and disruptive aerospace technologies to reduce human risk and enhance operational effectivity in different kind of operational scenarios.

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